Frans and Linda Geerlings Cachets

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We have been creating First Day Covers since 1984. We have been through several evolutions since we began, and currently create three distinctly different lines. We invite you to look through our various First Day Covers creations, using the links below.

Frans and Linda create beautiful hand painted cachets in highly limited quantities. We make our own acid free archival envelopes without gum on the flap Each and everyone is all over hand painted.

As of 2012 all are designed and painted by Frans Only

Linda creates hand drawn cachets featuring her own artwork, which is then scanned into the computer, digitally painted and then printed in highly limited quantities. As with our FLG Cachets, we use the same handmade, acid free envelopes.

This line of cachets will be discontinued as off 2012

Empress Cachets feature original artwork by Frans, which is then completely hand painted. They have a gold foil, embossed border, and bear the Empress crown in the same gold foiled thermongraphy. They are printed on 25% cotton bond paper with no gum on the flap.

With great sorrow we have to say that Linda passed away on April 26th 2012

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Frans Geerlings
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